Next Group Meeting


Venue: Class 012C, Strana.
Date : 7th June, Friday
Time: 7.30 pm
Meeting Agenda:

1. Upcoming Events: updates and discussion

ESAS - The Embedded System and Automotive Software GI Student Group Chemnitz

About Us

We are a student group of Computer Science from TU-Chemnitz. Our group consists of German and International students. Some of our members also have a background in the field of Electrical or Mechanical Engineering.

Most of our members are currently studying

  • Master in Automotive Software Engineering
  • Master in Informatik
  • Diplom Informatik

But students from other fields of study who have interest in Software, Embedded Systems, Cars, etc are also invited to be a part of our group.

Why Embedded System and Automotive Software?

In todays world, we see embedded systems everywhere, in most of the products like Electronics Brake Systems in the cars (EBS), Smart Phones, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, etc . So our group's main focus and interest is towards Embedded Systems. As mentioned earlier we have students from the field of Automotive Software which brings us closer to Automotive. Hence we chose Automotive Software as one of the important and growing areas of Embedded Systems.